MT4 Indicator – Stochastic Alert Exit from Extreme Zones


With the indicator Stochastic Alert, do not pass next to a trade for lack of attention, you place the indicator on each graph to monitor, and you will not miss any trade inattention …

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Stochastic Alert – MT4 Indicator

MT4 Indicator Alert StochasticThe Stochastic Alert indicator is a classic Stochastic that issues an automatically triggered alert if a predetermined threshold is exceeded. This indicator is set up as a classic indicator, a video tutorial explains how to do this.

Once installed, the indicator, in addition to giving you the usual indication sends you an alert if a certain threshold is exceeded. This can allow you to track multiple underlyings in several different time units without having your eyes glued to the screens.

The strategy used can make it possible to signal the exits of overbought or oversold zones and to track several assets simultaneously. Indeed, it is enough to place this indicator on all the charts to be watched, the alert indicates you on which underlay takes place the overtaking, then it is up to you to play …


MT4 stochastic indicator alert

The audible and visual alert appears as soon as the conditions are met and catches your attention in real time. You will not miss a trade by inattention …


MT4 Indicator Alert Stochastic


Stochastic is a technical indicator very used in the world of trading, it is part of the family of oscillators. Stochastics is a narrow indicator that evolves between two horizontal zones known as overbought and oversold. Its evolution limits are delimited by the values 0 and 100.

  • The stochastic indicator is said to be overbought when its value is between 80 and 100
  • The Stochastic indicator is said to oversold when it changes between 0 and 20

The Stochastic indicator is composed of two lines called% K and% D

It is calculated as follows:

  stochastic Alert H is the high point, L is the low point on a given number of periods (14 by default)
%D is the moving average of %K over a specified number of periods.

The stochastic indicator detects trend out of breath and is also very sensitive in detecting downward or upward divergences. It is a very volatile technical indicator that is widespread on all trading platforms.




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